Yoshito Sorimachi (反町 善人, Sorimachi Yoshito), also known as "Pompadour", is an esper that was imprisoned in the "Esper Reception Facility" along with Rinka Urushiba. Initially he mocked Rinka but later respected her greatly. He later also followed Rinka in order to fight the Professor.


He is a man of average height and weight. He has pompadour hairstyle, and thus he was nicknamed as pompadour.


He is first introduced with bad attitude, but suddenly changes for better after meeting both Rinka and Yoda, deciding to fight for honor and justice.


Telekinetic Shield: Yoshito, by the Glowing Fish, has been given the ability to generate a forcefield that is able to repel any attack. Despite being impenetrable all of the attacks rejected drain the user's stamina, and once exhausted or heavy injured he cannot maintain the shield anymore.

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