Biographical Information
Kanji 鷲花
Romaji Washibana
Gender Male
Personal Information
Status Deceased
Media Information
Anime Debut Episode 10
Voiced by Takumi Yamazaki (Japanese)
Christopher Bevins (English)
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Washibana (鷲花, Washibana) is a Japanese diplomat, who is secretly associated with Ares.


Washibana is an eldery man. He wears glasses.


He is completely crafty.


When the Professor discovered the Ark in a certain country, he was forced to stay by the General of said country. To counteract this, the Professor called Washibana, the Japanese diplomat, to negotiate. However, the Diplomat was later abetted with the General to betray the Professor. He set a premeditated murder to kill the Professor and his colleagues. However, the Professor was able to survive and returned to Japan. The Professor decided to find Washibana. When he met him, Washibana strangely ripped off his own throat. He was erased from the world by the mastermind to hide about the organization, thus the Professor couldn't trace them.