Tsuihito Kobura (腓 対人, Kobura Tsuihito) is the Chief of ESP Police Department.

Appearance Edit

He has all back hairstyle. He wears a formal suit, tie, and glasses.

Personality Edit

Not much is known about his personality. He is normally calm.

Plot Edit

Kobura first appeared sitting in front of Ren Jomaku, who was captured for using her power without permission. He remarked that Ren was freed. Later, on the ESP license test, he acted as the head examiner. He later also participated in attempts to rescue Ren from the terrorists.

Abilities Edit

Illusions: Kobura's ability allows him to create illusion. However, differently from the Professor who projects his illusion straight into his target's mind. Kobura can only show his Illusion in a space or room, and his effective range is only ten meters. Despite this, Roshi Yodani commented that he can compete the Professor, and if only his power awakened two years ago, he could have fought the Professor easier.

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