Taiko Oyoki is a student at ESP Academy.

Appearance Edit

Her hair is tied up into a bun. She wears swimming goggles.

Personality Edit

She feels that the world is full of discrimination. Perceiving that espers are mistreated.

History Edit

She was a swimmer. She was good enough and was able to participate in national competitions. However, ever since her ESP awakened. She is banned for being an athlete, even she is also not allowed to go to the city swimming pool.

Plot Edit

On the day of field trip, she was full of anger and made a chaos within the swimming pool. She attacked her classmates. However, she was later stopped by Nene Undei. When she said that espers have no chance, Nene tried to cheer her up, telling her that it's not over yet.

Abilities Edit

Water Manipulation: She shares the same ability as Nene Undei. She is able to summon a mass of water and control them to attack people. However, she is not stronger than Nene, since Nene was able to take control over her water.

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