Biographical Information
Kanji 助三郎
Romaji Sukesaburo
Gender Male
Ability Sensory Tracking
Weapons Sniper rifles
Personal Information
Status Deceased
Occupation Terrorist
Affiliation ESP Liberation Front
Partner(s) Hokusai Azuma
Media Information
Anime Debut Episode 1
Voiced by Mugihito (Japanese)
Philip Weber (English)
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Sukesaburo (助三郎, Sukesaburo) is an esper, and a terrorist who worked for ESP Liberation Front. Alongside Kakunoshin, he acted as the Professor's guard.


He wears a straw hat, and dressed like a ninja. He has white long hair and beard. Sukesaburo also wears a mask, resembling a face of an old man. However, his true face is not really different from his mask.


He doesn't talk much. He followed the Professor's command, and is very loyal to him.


Flying Tanker Arc

Sukesaburo participated to bring a tanker flying over Tokyo. He was first seen detecting the White Girl. After Kyotaro Azuma and Kobushi Kuroi reached the tanker. Sukesaburo accompanied the Professor and Minami Azuma to fight them. Kozuki Kuroi later joined the fight. When Kobushi used her invisibility, Sukesaburo helped Kozuki to detect her.


During the internal struggle within ARES, Sukesaburo was able to free the Professor from their custody. Together with Kobushi they located Minami that was nearly killed by Rhadamanthus. He and Kobushi then watche as the Professor killed Rhadamanthus saving Minami and exacting his revenge. After Sukesaburo locates the ARES Board Chairman and his two bodyguards Minami teleported with him and the Professor to their position and ambush them. During the fight they all get grievously injured until a near death Tenjiku used his powers to turn his body into a living bomb and exploded destroying the area and killing Sukesaburo.


Sensory Tracking: Through his chain, Sukesaburo is able to locate, and sense other espers. The chain will pinpoint properly to them. He is also able to detect unseen opponents. As demonstrated when Kobushi Kuroi uses her invisibility, but he is still able to find her.

Expert Marksman: He has also been shown to be very skilled when using a sniper rifle and some guns.


The following weapons are used by Sukesaburo to assist him in battle.

  • Sukesaburo's chain.
  • Sukesaburo uses Barrett M82A1M.
  • Sukesaburo aims Mk23 on Master Yoda.
  • Chain: His chain is used as a medium to detect and trace other espers. It will pinpoint to the target.
  • Barrett M82A1M: Sukesaburo's main weapon. He first used it on the incident of National Diet.
  • Heckler & Koch Mark 23: Sukesaburo's secondary weapon. It was also used on the incident of National Diet.
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