Miss Smith (ミス・スミス, Misu Sumisu) is a CIA operative. It's later revealed that she is actually Rindo Urushiba's ex-wife. Thus she is long missing Rinka Urushiba's mother.


Smith is a middle-aged woman. She has long hair.


She is normally calm, and somewhat laid-back. She feels guilty for giving her own daughter such a dangerous mission.


Rinka was always wondering about her mother, and asking her father when will she come back from sailing.


Smith first appeared approaching Rinka Urushiba, who was about to help a citizen. However that person rejected Rinka because she is an esper herself. Smith commented that is literally ironic since they had relied on Rinka a few months ago. She later invited Rinka to a food stall, where there they discussed about the death of the Professor. She revealed that his corpse was not found, and told that he was abducted by a certain organization. To trace about this organization, Smith offered Rinka a mission. Rinka later asked if this mission is related to that organization. Smith answered that they are different organizations, but they are linked each others. Rinka accepted the mission and went to Hong Kong, meeting the organization that forced espers to fight in underground arena. In the end, Rinka was able to finish that mission. Later, she went to meet Rindo Urushiba, revealing that she was his wife. The two discussed briefly about their daughter.

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