Sakamoto (坂本, Sakamoto) is an esper with the power of electricity. He is also a terrorist, though he has not officially joined the Professor's group.

Appearance Edit

Sakamoto has shoulder length black hair. He wears a white shirt.

Personality Edit

He seems to be short-tempered. He also claims that he is pissed off when brats making fun of him.

Plot Edit

He appeared on the day of election campaign. Upon hearing Reia Ozora's speech, who was insulting espers. He was pissed off and began to attack her and citizens. He was briefly stopped by Murasaki Edoyama, who threw a rock at him. Sakamoto became more pissed off and asked who threw it on his face. Shortly Ayumu Ozora bowed down to him, apologized and forced Murasaki to do the same thing. However, Sakamoto was about to attack Reia again. Ayumu panicked and worried about his mother, he then revealed that he is an esper too. Sakamoto turned to be surprised, he was distracted. Ayumu then found the waterways and broke them, in order to counteract his electricity. In the end, he was defeated by both Ayumu and Murasaki.

Abilities Edit

Electrokinesis: Sakamoto has the power to manipulate electricity. He can shoot electricity from his fingers. He is also able to wrap his own body with electric fields.

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