Rindo Urushiba (漆葉 竜胆, Urushiba Rindou) is Rinka Urushiba's father and a former policeman.

Appearance Edit

Rindo has grey hair. He wears a leather bike jacket with the three rings around the sleeves, a ribbed white tanktop shirt, tight jeans, and a large belt buckle. Basically, Rindo appears to have an influence from both Wolverine and Kouji Iwahata, a character from Hajime Segawa's previous work, Ga-rei.

Personality Edit

Rindo is usually calm. A thoughtful man. He does really care about his daughter.

Plot Edit

Introduction Arc Edit

Rindo fell asleep in Cayce's bar, and told Cayce about the Glowing Fish he frequently noticed. Upon hearing a voice mail from Rinka, who was screaming since her power has awoken. He rushed to check her, but unexpectedly his power has awoken as well. The power of magnetism, which causing Rindo to draw any object to him, most of them were cars. He was surronded by those cars and continously strugled to escape. Rinka came to save him, knocking him with "Skull-Crushing Psy-kick". With the help of Azuma, they managed to teleport, despite had caught a lot of attention of citizens and media.

Abilities Edit

Magnetism Manipulation: Rindo's power allows him to create a magnetic field around him attracting and repelling metallic objects.

 Trivia Edit

  • Somehow Rindo Urushiba shares face similarities as Kouji Iwahata from Ga Rei Zero.
  • In the Manga Kouji Iwahata is the brother of Rindo Urushiba.
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