Remote Teleportation
Remote Teleportation

Kozuki Kuroi uses remote teleportation to send the Ark to a different location.
Also Called Long-range Teleportation
Short Depiction A power to teleport things/beings/energies to another location

Remote Teleportation is one of superpowers found in Tokyo ESP series.


Remote Teleportation is a variation of Teleportation. The best known user of this ability is Kozuki Kuroi. Differently from Kyoutarou and Minami that can teleport themselves. Kozuki is able to send any objects or beings to different location, but she must firstly touch the target to do so. She is also able to summon them back to her. On particular occasions, she has also been shown to be able to teleport items without touching them. It’s later revealed that her mother, Claudia Kuroi, has the same ability as her.

Known Users