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Peggi (ペギー, Pegī), nicknamed Collector (コレクタ, Korekuta) by the Professor, is Murasaki Edoyama's pet. He is also an esper penguin with the ability of flight and the secondary ability to remove and consume other esper abilities.


Peggi has the appearance of a small African penguin. But his strips are different from manga in the anime.


Peggi is a happy going penguin as he also has strong will. When his friends are in danger, he will stand up for them even at the cost of his live. He is also serious when it comes to fish.


Introduction Arc

Peggi's first appeared when Rinka Urushiba saw him flying in the air on her way to work. He is the reason that Rinka got ESP powers cause he leads her to a place where the glowing fish was swimming in the air. He flew with the fishes attempting to eat them.

Flying Penguin Arc

He was later seen again, eating at the bridge at harbor area odaiba. At the moment, when Rinka and Kyotaro Azuma are under the bridge he was found by opportunists who are trying to sell him but he flew across them and flew to Murasaki Edoyama. But was caught again and the opportunists put him in a van and drives away. Peggi was eventually rescued by both Rinka and Azuma. As such, Murasaki and Peggi later befriend with them.

Hotokeda Gang Arc

Peggi stays in Cayce's residence along with Rinka and Azuma and follows everywhere they go. When Murasaki is kidnaped by Hotokeda Gang, he follows both Azuma and Rinka to rescue her. When they're both defeated by the boss of the kidnappers, he uses his ESP and creates a shark on his left arm and eats the boss's fish, causing him to lose his power. He then faints because of said fish.


Flight: Peggi, unlike other penguins, has the ability to fly. It is unknown whether its an ESPer ability or a natural ability, as Peggi was identified as different than other penguins. He doesn't seem to get tired however much he flies, and can even carry others, though it seems the most he can carry at the time is one person.

Eating Glowing Fish: In the first chapter, Peggi has shown to have an appetite for Glowing Fish. This seems to be because of his other esper ability, the ability to turn his flipper into a shark and grab the Glowing Fish from an esper, then consuming it. This renders the ESPer a powerless human. He doesn't seem to do it intentionally, however.