Nene Undei (雲出井 ネネ, Undei Nene) is an ESP Police agent.


Nene is a young woman. She has short hair. She only wears a bra, and jeans. She has also a mole below her lip.


She is shown to be a playful. She tends to tease Tetsuya Zeus.


Alongside Ebisawa and other ESP Police agents, Nene first appeared arresting Ren Jomaku for using her power without permission. Later, she also participated in attempts to rescue Ren from the terrorists. She later participate in battle against ARES, she tried to help Ren to rescue Marume Maruyama, who was took over by the enemy. Nene and Ren made a combination attack with their water and ice techniques. However, she was mortally injured by Hephaitos. Before she died, she told that she felt jealous for Ren, since Zeus looked up on her.


Water Manipulation: Nene's ability allows her to control and manipulate water. She can also summon a mass of water to attack or surround her opponent.

Water Authority: She has a strong enough authority to take control over water. As such, someone who has the same ability as her will be unable to control their water anymore.

Combination Attacks: Alongside Ren Jomaku. They can perform strong combination attacks. A collaboration between ice and water techniques.

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