Nadja Koroshinskii is a former subordinate of the Hong Kong underworld boss. Nadja is a major antagonist of the Hong Kong Arc. She is currently working for CIA.


Nadja has long, wavy blonde hair with blue eyes. She wears an ushanka, and a fur coat. Later, she cuts her hair down to a bob cut. She is also frequently seen smoking.


Nadja is normally calm. She shows no mercy for killing others, and hunting espers to capture and force them to fight in the underground arena.


Nadja was sold by her own father, and became one of fighters in the "Esper Underground Arena". She became the champion, as a result the boss interested to purchase her. Later, she became the right hand of Hong Kong underworld boss. After her defeat at the hands of Rinka Urushiba, she was tasked by CIA to become a spy and infiltrate the ARES. She was later seen partnered with Rinka, Minami Azuma, Kozuki Kuroi, and her former opponent, Kobushi Kuroi.


Shock Wave Emission: Nadja's ability allows her to create a shockwave, and/or to blow up her opponent with just a simply punch.

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