Murasaki Edoyama (江戸山 紫, Edoyama Murasaki) is the daughter of a big Yakuza boss. Due to her family's reputation, a lot of her classmates tend to shy away from her out of fear, which often leaves her alone and sad.

She later joined Rinka Urushiba and became one of her partners in order to fight crime.


Murasaki is a young girl. She has glasses with red frame. She used to have long hair but later cut them off.


Murasaki is rather diffident. She is also stoic. As seen when her friends avoid her, but she doesn't take it seriously.


Flying Penguin Arc

Murasaki first appeared rescuing Peggi from being captured by opportunists who were trying to sell him. She eventually managed to rescue him. Thanks to Rinka Urushiba and Kyotaro Azuma. As such, Murasaki and Peggi later befriend with them.

Hotokeda Gang Arc

She was later accompanied by both Rinka and Azuma. When she was about to go home all alone. Rinka and Azuma prevented her to do so, saying that they wanted to visit her home too. Murasaki eventually brought them to her residence. The two figured out that Murasaki's father is a Yakuza boss. Later, Murasaki was kidnaped all of sudden by a member of Hotokeda Gang. Hotokeda did it in order to force Murasaki's father to give all of his territory in Kanto. After being kidnaped, Murasaki felt that she only made trouble to others. Later, Minami Azuma purposely let one of the Glowing Fish enter Murasaki's body, making her turn into an esper. Murasaki was eventually rescued by Rinka and co.

After the incident, Murasaki decided to leave home. She was later accepted to stay in Cayce's residence. Her father later delivered some stuff to her. He also gave a ring that is her mother's heritage. Upon seeing the past via her power, she moved to tears. Shortly, the Professor appeared and brought both Rinka and Murasaki into his illusion. The Professor later explained a bit about the Glowing Fish, and calling Peggi as the collector. Murasaki via psychometry then realized that the Professor was the one who spreading the Glowing Fish all over Tokyo. The Professor answreed that's corect. They were later freed from his illusion. While others confused and claimed they didn't see anything. Murasaki assumed that only her and Rinka that affected by his illusion.


Psychometry: Murasaki has the ability of Psychometry, which allows her to discover or receive information about an event or person by either touching someone directly or holding any item they posses.

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