Minami Azuma

Minami part 2



Biographical Information
Kanji 東 美奈実
Romaji Azuma Minami
Gender Female
Ability Teleportation
Weapons Swords
Personal Information
Status Alive
Occupation Terrorist
Affiliation ESP Liberation Front
Hotokeda Gang (Formerly)
Partner(s) Kozuki Kuroi
Family Hokusai Azuma (Father)
Seira Azuma (Mother)
Kyotaro Azuma (Adoptive Brother)
Media Information
Anime Debut Episode 3
Voiced by Sachika Misawa (Japanese)
Mallorie Rodak (English)
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Minami Azuma (東 北斎, Azuma Minami) is the daughter of Hokusai Azuma (the Professor). She works under her father, and participating in the ESP Liberation Front's terror activities.

Later in part 2, Minami is partnered with Kozuki Kuroi, being tasked to carry and protect the Ark by her father.


Minami is a young girl with short black hair and violet eyes, her forehead is always covered by bangs. When she joined the Hotokeda Gang, she dressed in samurai costume and wore a mask. After the time skip, her hair has grown to be much longer.


Minami is extremely calm and composed, who rarely speak. It's hinted that she has feelings for Kyotaro. She felt jealous to Rinka Urushiba, since Kyotaro Azuma got closer to her. Kyotaro describes her as a person that can't commit a crime, believing that she is controlled by the Professor. However, when operating with her group, Minami acts cruel and shows her evil side. She also does really care about her father, going as far to protect him from the enemies.


While Hokusai Azuma continued his research. Minami was left in Japan. After her father's return to Japan, Minami figured out that all of her father's mates were assassinated, including her mother. Minami later accompanied her father to pick up Kyotaro, the son of her father's acquaintances and fellow researchers. As such, her father adopted Kyotaro. Since then, she began to live together with him.


During the first part of the series, she followed her father and participated in the ESP Liberation Front's activities, they made a lot of commotion all over the Tokyo and acted as antagonists. However, it was all a bait to lure the enemy that took the other tablet from the Ark and killed her mother. In the second part, alongside Kozuki Kuroi, she travelled around the world, later it's revealed that the Professor told her the most important thing is to revenge for her mother's sake, as such she need to carry and protect the Ark, however she was chased by The Siblings.


She shares the same ability as Kyotaro, which allows her to teleport anywhere. She has also been shown to be very skilled with swords.

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