Merayama (米良山, Merayama) is Hotokeda's subordinate.


He has short blonde hair. He wears a formal suit, a tie, and glasses.


He is rather laid-back. He tends to underestimate his opponent. As seen when he underestimated Kyotaro Azuma, and thinks it's first time for Azuma to hold a weapon.


Hotokeda Gang Arc

He first appeared visiting the Edoyama's residence. He accompanied sitting next to his boss. After Rinka's defeat, her house was set on fire by Merayama. Later, while waiting, Hotokeda later tasked him to handle the enemy. He met Crow Head and underestimated him. However, Azuma without a doubt shot his leg. Merayama decided to run away, but Azuma chased him and assaulted him, resulting him to crash into Rindo Urushiba's vehicle. Rindo apparently knew Merayama. In the end, He was beaten by Rindo. After being defeated, he tried to revenge on both Azuma and Rinka, but was defeated for the second time. After captured by the police, he told them about Rinka, and her identity as the "White Girl".


Pyrokinesis: Merayama is able to control and manipulate fire. He is also able to utilize his fire to fly.

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