Lin Lianjie (リン リンチェイ, Rin Rinchei) is an esper that joined the ESP Liberation Front after being recruited by Minami Azuma. She calls herself "The Evil Ghost of the Woods".

Appearance Edit

Lin wears a cheongsam. She has long crimson hair. Her eyes are mostly black.

Personality Edit

Lin is shown to be very sadistic. She enjoys punching Rinka Urushiba. She has also been shown to be quite playful. As seen when Kozuki Kuroi asks what's her power, Lin replies that's secret.

Plot Edit

Lin was a waitress in a food stall. She made a mistake, resulting her boss to scold her. She was later abused by him. Lin was pissed off and eventually shouted "stupid" at him. The boss was angered and decided to attack her with a butcher knife. However, Minami Azuma suddenly appeared and assaulted him, saved Lin. Minami asked Lin to take the test, and recruited her as terrorist. She later officially joined the Professor's group, and was tasked to invade Rinka Urushiba's school. Lin later engaged in a fight against Rinka, she managed to corner her. Moreover, Kozuki Kuroi joined the fight, she partnered with her and eventually defeated Rinka. She later witnessed Amie Namuro, who used her power to control Rinka's classmates to beat her. When Minami took away Kyotaro Azuma, Rinka yelled to Minami, while Lin stomped Rinka's face, ordering her to die.


Repulsion: Lin by the Glowing Fish, has been given the ability to generate a repulsion force in the form of shockwaves strong enough to destroy concrete. She usually use her powers in conjunction with her martial arts.

100-Pace Spirit Punch: Lin's signature move, she gathers her chi into her fists and using her repulsion powers she unleash a powerful shockwave that blow away everything.

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