Kyoka Hiragi (平城 京香, Hiragi Kyōka) is Kyotaro's mother and Jutaro Hiragi's wife.


Seira has brown eyes, and shoulder length black hair.


Kyoka is short-tempered, she has shown to be easily enraged. Despite this, She acts kindly to her son.


Just like the Professor, she was an archaeologist. Along with her husband, she joined the Professor's research team and went to a certain country. They found the Ark, but the General of said country broke one of the Ark's tablets. As such, the Glowing Fish began to appear. Kyoka accidently obtained the ability of Pyrokinesis. The General was later forced them to stay until he received such superpowers. To counteract this, the Professor called Washibana, the Japanese diplomat. However, the Diplomat was later abetted with the General to betray them. Later that night, Kyoka and Jutaro introduced their son to the Professor via a photograph. The next day, the Professor and his colleagues were called for a meeting by the Diplomat. This is actually a premeditated murder. Kyoka, and Jutaro were also assassinated. After their death, the Professor was later remembered about Kyotaro, deciding to adopt him.


Pyrokinesis: By the Glowing Fish, Kyoka has been given the ability to control and manipulate fire.

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