Kobushi Kuroi (黒井 小節, Kuroi Kobushi), also known as the Black Fist (ブラック フィスト, Burakku Fisuto), is a young thief and an Esper with the power of invisibility. She initially was Rinka Urushiba's opponent, but later befriended her and became her ally.

Appearance Edit

A young woman of average height with a full figure and long red hair. As Black Fist, she wears a little crown on her head, also a black suit, which resembles Black Fist - a famous thief in London 100 years ago. Her appearance is almost simillar to her sister.

Personality Edit

Kobushi is normally energetic and playful, she has a great ego and hates losing a fight, she fell in love with Rindo Urushiba after he saved her.

Plot Edit

Black Fist Arc Edit

Kobushi increased her fame by robbing some banks and shops. However, the police mistook "Black Fist" for Crow Head. Later, she was about to rob a museum, but she was defeated by both Azuma and Rinka Urushiba. She was later hospitalized due to injury.

Thanks to her invisibility, Nabeshima commented that the police didn't have enough evidence to arrest her. Shortly Kobushi escaped from the hospital and was recruited by Hotokeda Gang.

Hotokeda Gang Arc Edit

She accompanied her boss to visit Edoyama's residence. The boss planned to seize all of Edoyama's territory in Kanto. While Kobushi commented that she joined a bunch of low class gangsters. She then met again with Rinka. They fought for the second time and Kobushi was able to defeat her. After Rinka's defeat, Kobushi witnessed Merayama, who burned Rinka's home. Kobushi warned Rinka that she shouldn't get involved with this matter anymore.

Kobushi then asked Hotokeda about superpowers trading. She also asked Minami Azuma regarding this matter, realizing the fragment from the Ark's tablet is the source of the Glowing Fish. Later, she commented that Rinka is monster, since she has battered her, but Rinka still came to rescue Murasaki Edoyama. Kobushi then told Rinka the room where Murasaki was kept, since she didn't interest of joining the group. She stole the fragment from Minami and ran away. However, she was stopped by Kakunoshin. Shortly Rindo Urushiba appeared and saved her. Kobushi began to adore him greatly. In the end, Minami and Kakunoshin managed to seize back the fragment, causing Kobushi to upset.

After the incident, Kobushi was accepted to stay in Cayce's residence. She later befriended with her former opponent, Rinka. Later, Rindo preached her, advised that she should stop from being a thief.

Abilities Edit

Her ESP is invisibility which allows her to vanish from her opponents' eyesight. She is also a very good boxer and loves fighting policemen mixing her invisibility ability and her boxing skill.

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