Kasumi (カスミ, Kasumi) is a student at ESP Academy, and Ren Jomaku's friend. However, it's later revealed that she is actually a terrorist, and a member of ESP Liberation Front. She is tasked to infiltrate into the academy and pretend to be Ren's friend.


She is a young girl. She has medium hair, tied up into twintail. She also wears the school uniform.


Kasumi is usually cheerful, she frequently smiles. However, she later reveals to have a stereotypical nature. She claims that the purpose of joining the terrorist is not to kidnap Ren, it's because she is attracted in bombing.


Kasumi was tasked by her boss to infiltrate into the academy. She managed to pretend to be Ren's friend. She eventually managed to trick her by inviting Ren to go with her. She was later revealed to cooperate with Garuda, another member of ESP Liberation Front. However, they failed to capture Ren since Zeus came to save her. After Garuda's defeat at the hands of Zeus, she was defeated as well.


  • Kasumi uses her charm to seduce Zeus.
  • Zeus falls in love after witnessing her charm.

Charming: Zeus commented that her ability is a part of mind control. However, she is unable to control or command her target to do her bidding. She can only use her charm to trick them. As demonstrated when she invited Ren, who initially intended to reject it, but it made Ren to change her mind. However, it's indeed quite identical to mind control, since Ren claims that she can't disobey anything she says. When she uses it on boys, they will fall in love with her.

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