Kanade (奏先, Kanade) is a student at ESP Academy. She is Marume Maruyama's senior.

Appearance Edit

When Kanade reached the max vitality, she appears as a muscular man, who has beard. When she is out of energy, Kanade turns into a slim woman. She has long hair and black eyes. She wears the school uniform.

Personality Edit

Kanade acts friendly toward others. She is also attentive.

Plot Edit

Kanade first appeared in the "Hero Research Society" room. Marume Maruyama introduced her to Ren Jomaku. While initially Ren mistook her for a man. Later, after rescuing Ren from the terrorists, she appeared again in the hospital, healing her comrades. Ren saw her in her slim body for the first time, realizing that Kanade actually is a girl.

Abilities Edit

Healing: Kanade's ability is healing. She usually stores vitality within her body. To heal people, she distributes those energies to them.

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