Kakunoshin (格之進, Kakunoshin) is an esper, and a terrorist who worked for ESP Liberation Front. Alongside Sukesaburo, he acted as the Professor's guard.

He apparently survived after the incident of National Diet. Later in part 2, he rebuilt the organization and became the new leader. He continued terrorizing in order to fulfil the Professor's wish.

Appearance Edit

Kakunoshin constantly dressed in red samurai costume. He wears a mempo (facial armour of samurai). He is also very muscular. In part 2, he changes his mask, that appears to be skull-like mask with long nose. However, under the skull mask, he still wears the samurai mask. Thus he actually wears two masks together.

Personality Edit

Kakunoshin particularly tends to stay silent. He is very loyal to the Professor and followed almost all of his order. He even continued to fight for him, proving his loyalty.

Plot Edit

Hotokeda Gang Arc Edit

When Kobushi Kuroi stole the fragment of the Ark's tablet, Kakunoshin appeared to stop her. However, Rindo Urushiba helped Kobushi. When they prepared to face each other, Hotokeda who was defeated by Rinka Urushiba, fell down to him. In the end, Minami and Kakunoshin managed to seize back the fragment.

Flying Tanker Arc Edit

Kakunoshin participated to bring a tanker flying over Tokyo. He was the one who brought and control the tanker by using his ability.

Abilities Edit

Gravity Manipulation: Kakunoshin has the ability to manipulate gravity. When the group bring items to make them float, he is in charge of maintaining the gravity. He is able to bring heavy load items, such as tanker, and the National Diet.

Flight: He is also able to manipulate the gravity around his body. As such, he can also fly.

Enhanced Durability: Kakunoshin is able to sustain numerous blows. He can't be injured by bullets. As demonstrated when he leisurely took the bullets from police.

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