Iron Mako
Biographical Information
Gender Female
Ability Metal Bending
Weapons Sword
Personal Information
Status Alive
Affiliation Esper Underground Arena
Media Information
Manga Debut Chapter 43
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Iron Mako is an esper that was imprisoned and forced to fight in the "Esper Underground Arena".


Mako is a curvaceous woman dressed in lingerie with an eyepaych on her left eye.


Metal Bending: Mako, by the Glowing Fish, has been given the ability to bend any metal and change its shape. She usually uses her powers to bend her sword or to create spikes that pierce her enemy.

Cut Dancer: Mako bends her sword and uses it as a whip greatly increasing its length but leaving its sharpness intact. This allows her to increase the range of her attacks and also to take the enemy by surprise.