Hotokeda Gang (仏田 組, Hotokeda-gumi) is a yakuza gang. They are the main antagonists of the Hotokeda Gang Arc.

Overview Edit

Minami Azuma came to help the gang leader (Hotokeda), and told him a bit about the Glowing Fish, the source of ESP abilities. As such, they began their business to trade super powers. They later invited Kobushi Kuroi to join them, despite in turn Kobushi looked like to be dissatisfied for joining a bunch of low class gangsters. Later, the group came to Edoyama's residence, asking to give all of their territory in Kanto. In order to force Edoyama, they kidnaped his daughter, Murasaki Edoyama. Thanks to Rinka Urushiba and Kyotaro Azuma, they managed to defeat the group and rescued Murasaki. After Hotokeda's defeat, he complained to Minami since she didn't explain that the ESP ability can disappear. While Minami remarked that the role she gave was not suited for him.

Notable Members Edit

Hotokeda's Gang

The Hotokeda Gang primary members.

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