Hotokeda (仏田, Hotokeda) is the leader of Hotokeda Gang. He is a major antagonist of the Hotokeda Gang Arc.


He is an obese man. He wears a white uniform, and a tie. His eyes are mostly white.


He is rather ambitious and shifty. He does everything possible to achieve his goal.


Hotokeda Gang Arc

He first appeared visiting the Edoyama's residence. He later asked all of Edoyama's territory in Kanto. In order to force him, he ordered his men to capture Murasaki Edoyama, the daughter of Edoyama-oyabun. Angered by this, Edoyama-oyabun and his men tried to shoot Hotokeda. However, they failed to injure him, since Hotokeda has a superpower. Before leaving, he warned Edoyama-oyabun to reconsider with his decision. While waiting, Hotokeda ordered Merayama to handle the enemy. Later, when Rinka Urushiba and Kyotaro Azuma almost managed to rescue Murasaki, Hotokeda appeared all of sudden. Rinka and Azuma tried to fight him, but was pointless. Upon seeing that Murasaki was in danger, Peggi prepared to do something. Peggi changed his flipper into a shark-like and took the Glowing Fish from Hotokeda's body, Peggi ate it, resulting Hotokeda to lose his power. In the end, he was defeated by Rinka. Later, Hotokeda briefly complained to Minami Azuma, since Minami didn't tell that the ESP ability can disappear. While Minami remarked that the role she gave was not suited for him.


Invulnerability: Hotokeda is immune to all forms of conventional physical damage, unable to feel physical pain. However, this power has disappeared, since Peggi ate the Glowing Fish inside his body.

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