General (将軍, Shōgun) is a General from a certain country.


He is an obese and elderly man.


He is a maniac and very ambitious person. He wants to obtain superpowers for his own country.


He was a General from a certain country, where the Professor found the Ark. The Professor showed it to him, but the General broke one of the Ark's tablets, resulting the Glowing Fish to appear, and make the Professor obatain a superpower. The General wanted to obtain superpowers for his own country, to counteract this, the Professor called Washibana, the Japanese diplomat. However, the Diplomat was later abetted with the General to betray the Professor. When the Professor returned to his country, the General told that it was the Diplomat's fault, which replied by the Professor that the Diplomat has been killed. The Professor killed the General and brought the Ark with him, leaving said country.

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