Fujiko Orisube (折術 トウコ, Orisube Fujiko) is a student at ESP Academy. However, it's later revealed that she is actually a terrorist, and a member of ESP Liberation Front. She is tasked to infiltrate into the academy.

She was later joined Ares after being recruited by Claudia Kuroi.


Orisube is a young girl. She has chin-length black hair.


She is sly and crafty. Much like Kobushi Kuroi, she hates losing a fight. Especially after being defeated by Ren and Zeus.


Orisube acted as a student of ESP Academy, and was one of Ren Jomaku's friends. She was later revealed member of ESP Liberation Front. She routinely helped her mates in order to kidnap Ren. In the end, she was defeated by Tetsuya Zeus.

After being defeated, she was survived. Claudia Kuroi was later approached and recruited her to join ARES. She was treated kindly until Claudia revealed that her role was just a vessel for the Messiah. She became the Messiah and increased Claudia's power.


Nensha: Nensha, or Thoughtography is the ability to psychically "burn" images from one's mind onto surfaces. By this, she is able to monitor her opponents from afar.

Messiah's Power: After became the Messiah, she received a great amount of power. However, the truth is, effect of the Messiah's power allows others to go rampant. Orisube increases and amplifies Claudia's power. Thus Claudia has acquired this power.

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