Edoyama-oyabun (江戸山, Edoyama) is Murasaki Edoyama's father. He is also the leader of an infamous Yakuza gang.


Edoyama-oyabun is a middle-aged man. He has a full beard, and scar across his left eye.


He does really care about his daughter.


Hotokeda Gang Arc

He first appeared when [[Murasaki Edoyama}Murasaki]] arrived at her house. Upon realizing that Murasaki was accompanied by Rinka Urushiba and Kyotaro Azuma, he was letting them to enter. Suddenly Hotokeda and his men also arrived at his house, asked him to give all of his territory in Kanto. To force Edoyama-oyabun, Hotokeda kidnaped his daughter. He was later decided to invade Hotokeda's hideout all alone. However, he arrived late, since Murasaki was rescued by Rinka and Azuma. After the incident, Murasaki decided to leave to leave home. He later delivered some stuff to her. He also gave a ring that is her mother's heritage.


Edoyama-oyabun is a normal human. However, it's hinted that he has swordsmanship skills and is skilled in shooting.


  • He is based off Leonidas I.
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