Chapter 17 of the Tokyo ESP manga series.

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Kyotaro and Rinka go on a date. They stop a ESP from hurting others, but a new villain appears before them.

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In this chapter, while training Kyotaro asked Rinka to go out on a date with him to investigate a haunting. Rinka doesn't have any clothes, so she ask Murasaki to help her with clothes. She ends up breaking her piggy bank and getting a dress to look pretty for Kyotaro.

RInka and Kyotaro date

The went to the theme park and found the person responsible for the haunting. It was a ESP user who was being tempted by "The Professor". They quickly subdued the culprit but Rinka ended up damaging her dress a bit. In the shadows Kyotaro's sister observe the situation and reports back to her father.

The ESP user who did the haunting had the same powers ask Rinka and who hasn't killed or harmed anyone. She only scared people to make a name for herself so she can join the ranks of the Professor.

At the end of the chapter Rinka and Kyotaro decided they would like to go on another date with each other. But a new enemy appears before Rinka and Kyotaro.

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