Various characters found in Tokyo ESP appear identical or extremely similar to known pop-culture figures.

Cameo Examples:

Rindo as Wolverine & Kouji Iwahata

Rindo Urushiba's character design is heavily influenced by Wolverine from the X-men comics. Rindo has Wolverine's distinctive hairstlye but is white in color. Rindo also sports Wolverine's civilan wardrobe wearing a leather bike jacket with the three rings around the sleeves, a ribbed white tanktop shirt, tight jeans, and a large belt buckle. Several times Rindo sticks three police batons inbetween his fingers mimicing Wolverine's trademark three-blade claws. Rindo also seems to have some influence of Kouji Iwahata, a character from Hajime Segawa's previous work, Ga-rei. In the anime, Iwahata and Rindo even share the same voice actor.

Edoyama-oyabun as Leonidas

Murasaki Edoyama's father Edoyama is based off Leonidas.

Cayce as Steven Seagal

A barkeeper and Rindo Urushiba's friend, Cayce, appears identically to Steven Seagal. His name is a reference to Casey Ryback, the name of Seagal's character in the Under Seige film series.

Roshi Yodani as Yoda

Under his panda suit Roshi Yodani's appearance is identical to that of the homonymous character from Star Wars series. The only difference is the colour of their skin.

Torada as Charlie Wax (John Travolta)

Torada is based off Charlie Wax, a character that potrayed by John Travolta from the movie From Paris With Love.

Andou Garcia as Jack Cayman

Andou Garcia's character design is practically identical to that of Jack Cayman from the games MadWorld and Anarchy Reigns.

Hanao Chiaki as Chucky

Hanao Chiaki's face heavily reminds that of the horror icon Chucky from the movie Child's Play, as even her surname suggest it.

Green Wantan as Green Lantern

Green Lantern has also been parodied in the series. An esper who was captured by Nadja Koroshinskii and brought to the underground arena, was given a mask and costume that resemble to Green Lantern.

Rhadamanthus as the Engineer

Rhadamanthus resembles the Engineer from the movie Prometheus.


The Ghostbusters also make a cameo appearance in episode 3 of the anime.


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