Real name unknown, he is first introduced as the principal of ESP Academy. However, it's later revealed that he is the leader of ARES.


He is an old man. A full Beard covers his whole chin and cheek. He is always seen wearing a formal suit and tie.


He acts manipulative. It's later revealed that he actually has a noble goal: to link humanity to the Messiah through telepathy and share the history of mankind, connecting them all through empathy.

History Edit

After the death of Juusuke Zeus, there were opposition parties which disagreed with the fact that Tetsuya Zeus would became the next president. As such, in order to protect him, he took this position.

At some poin he encountered Amame, a survivor of the "Rakshasa" clan. Back then, Amame needed a help for his brother, who was dying from an illness. He agreed to help them, and the siblings have worked for him ever since.

Plot Edit

In part 1, he apparently was the one who sent the siblings in order to find the Ark and kill the Professor.

In part 2, he kept the Professor alive, trying to corner him to give information about the Ark's location. He also acted as the principal of ESP Academy. He perpetually gave missions to his subordinates in order to seize the Ark. They eventually managed to get the Ark and obtain the Messiah's power. However, Claudia Kuroi betrayed him and ran away.

When the Professor escaped from his custody. He warned Rinka Urushiba that they have to handle the Professor. Along with Amame and Tenjiku, he encountered the Professor. He tried to talk in order to buy time, revealing that the one who was responsible for the death of the Professor's wife and colleagues, has died. However, the Professor didn't listen to him and killed Tenjiku firstly. The Board of Chairman was later shoot down by both the Professor and Sukesaburo. As they were cornered. Tenjiku, who was somehow able to survive, deciding to blow the entire area to kill the Professor and Minami Azuma. A few moments before his death, he said farewell to Zeus via telepathy.


Telepathy: He is able to mentally communicate with others. When facing the Professor, he and the siblings were discussed about the plan via this ability. He also used it to say goodbye to Zeus.

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