Ayumu Ozora
Biographical Information
Kanji 大空 歩
Romaji Ōzora Ayumu
Alias Afro
Gender Male
Ability Flash Precognition
Personal Information
Status Alive
Occupation Student
Affiliation Rinka's Group
Media Information
Manga Debut Book 2
Anime Debut Episode 1
Voiced by Megumi Ogata (Japanese)
Morgan Berry (English)
Image Gallery

Ayumu Ozora (大空 歩, Ōzora Ayumu) is Roshi Yodani's disciple, and the son of Reia Ozora. His mother is one of the most outspoken politician against espers and everything they stand for. He has been nicknamed Afro (アフロ, Afuro) by most people he meets.


Ayumu has short dark brown curly hair, and blue eyes. He also wears glasses with blue frames.


He seems to be rather laid-back. He'll become rather irritated being referred to as "Afro".


He is a middle school student with aspirations to be a member of Congress, like his mother. However, he hides his identity as esper, because he knows that he will disappoint his mother if she figured it out.


Flash Precognition: He has the power of Flash Precognition, he can only see a few seconds into the future. Sceneries between current and future are mixed. As such, Ayumu occasionally confused.

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