Amie Namuro (奈室 亜美江, Namuro Ami) is an esper that joined the ESP Liberation Front after being recruited by Minami Azuma.

Appearance Edit

Amie is a young, brown skinned girl. She dyed her hair blonde. She wears an aqua thank top, and a white short pant. She also wears a round hat.

Personality Edit

She is an uncommunicative person, who tends to ignore people. When Kozuki Kuroi asks what's her ability, Amie answers that she is hungry instead. She has also been shown to be sadistic, she enjoys torturing Rinka Urushiba, and broadcasting her incident to the whole country.

Plot Edit

Amie dropped out of school, and became a NEET. She was later seen roaming the streets, and was found by police officers. The police tried to interrogate her, but she ran away, she then mumbled that she wanted to kill all the people. When the police tried to chase her, Minami Azuma appeared and assaulted them, saved Amie. Minami asked Amie to take the test, and recruited her as terrorist. She later officially joined the Professor's group, and was tasked to invade Rinka Urushiba's school. When Rinka was weakened by Lin Lianjie and Kozuki Kuroi, Amie suddently appeared and controlled Azuma to hold Rinka. Amie then also used her power to control Rinka's classmates and ordered them to beat her. She recorded the incident and broadcasted it to the whole country.


Mind Control: Amie by the Glowing Fish, has been given the ability to control completely the mind of everyone, after managed to take over the mind from another, she can command them as she pleases. However, this ability require an eye contact directly into her eyes. She usually uses her power to make her opponents commit suicide or to manipulate people to do her bidding.

Equipment Edit

Amie holds Nambu Model 60
  • Nambu Model 60: Amie took this revolver from a police officer she brainwashed. However, it seems that she can't use it properly.
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