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ARES Security or simply Ares is a private military corporation (PMC), and the main antagonist of the series.

Overview Edit

Ares is a PMC, they exist to remove the number of war deaths. They have been hired for various jobs, such as special operation, assassination, training soldiers, and even guarding the media. Tetsuya Zeus' father is the founder of ARES, and the company was founded about thirty years ago. ARES has also been manipulating the other organizations, such as ESP Academy and ESP Police. The Board of Chairman also acted as the principal of the academy.

The Professor holds a grudge against ARES for killing his wife and comrades. All of the Professor's action include terrorizing is the plan to lure them out. He also claims that his revenge can't never be settled.

Objectives Edit

During the Professor's research, they discovered about the Glowing Fish as the source of ESP abilities. As such, they stole the other tablet from the Ark for themselves. Later, Zeus was in charge of rescuing Ren Jomaku who was captured by the terrorists. However, he did it because he need to capture her to use the "Lock Space" ability from her ESP, in order to unlock the seal of the Messiah's power. In part 1, the siblings were assigned to find the Professor and the Ark, but he asked his daughter to carry and protect the Ark. In part 2, the siblings were assigned to pursue Minami Azuma and seize the Ark. They later managed to claim the Ark after releasing all of their executives.

ARES factions have been divided due to their different goals. Claudia Kuroi brought Fujiko Orisube to use her as the vessel of Messiah. Initially, the goal of the Board Chairman was to link humanity to the Messiah through telepathy and share the history of mankind, connecting them all through empathy. However, Claudia disagreed with his plan, insulting that his plan is a simply large-scale brainwashing operation. She dethroned him from his position as the Board of Chairman. While Zeus also accepted Claudia as the new Board of Chairman. Just after they managed to unlock the Messiah's power, Claudia betrayed them all and took away Orisube, who has became the Messiah. It's later revealed that Claudia's goal is to acquire the power of Messiah for herself.

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Trivia Edit

  • The company is named after Ares, the God of War in Greek Mythology.
  • Their executives are also named after the Greek Gods.
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